Wood Carver Misato Sano

Canine Culture

Hi everyone, CEO Olivia reporting, welcome to Friday. Wood carver Misato Sano hails from in the Myagi prefecture of Japan, she carves wooden busts & full figures of well-groomed dogs, preferring to leave the small gouges from her chisel on their textured exteriors. Each figure has a distinct facial expression, whether curious, joyful, or contemplative.


To dig deeper into Sano’s process & see some of the real-life canines that inspire her sculptural works, head to her Instagram. While there, sniff out her works in ceramics, embroidery, & drawing.

Have a pawsome, safe weekend.

CEO Olivia

Artist Patrick Cabral

Canine Culture

Welcome to Friday everyone, CEO Olivia here. Today I sniffed out some very detailed art made from paper.

Manila-based artist Patrick Cabral turns layers of paper into pawsome portraits of wildlife. Each multi-layered work contains hundreds of individual paper pieces that are all hand-cut.

These aren’t small pieces either, the crowned lion (shown below) spans more than five feet. A single sculpture can take up to three months to complete.

You can sniff out more of Patrick Cabral’s intricate works on Instagram.

Have a wooftastic weekend.

CEO Olivia

Artist Pegi Smith

Canine Culture

Hello everyone, welcome to Friday. Today I’ve sniffed out artwork by artist Pegi Smith. She was born in Canada but moved to Denver as a child. She began playing the violin at the age of ten & has played classical, rock, blues, jazz, & bluegrass, often as a guest artist at concerts.

Pegi began painting in 2006, working in acrylic & is self taught. She paints every day saying, ” I still love the spontaneous aspect of experimentation”. She describes her technique as controlled chaos. She is clearly inspired by nature, her subjects include wolves, owls, horses, ravens, birds & flowers, often with an abstract twist.

Let’s have a look.

Have a safe, pawsome weekend.

CEO Olivia