Human-Like Dogs Or Dog Like-Humans

Canine Culture

German Artist Anja Wulfing & huMom both love old photographs.  I heard huMom once say that when she finds old photos in used books or thrown away she feels a certain need to help keep the memory of those subjects alive by upcycling them into a new form of artistic creation.

Artist Anja Wulfing felt the same way & found herself painting larger than life animals in the background of the human subjects that looked realistic. Soon she started to mix human-animal hybrids.  They too felt familiar & natural. From there she moved on to painting animal heads on top of the people in the photos.  Some feel her dog-headed humans are her most endearing pieces.

Anja Wulfing states, “These creatures have become gentle creatures of some different but potential reality.  A bit of fantasy, mythical creatures, humor, facts & fiction. If our existence is a result of successive coincidences, what if a very early ancestor had turned ‘right instead of left’?  Who knows how we would have been looking like today?”

Wagnificent question!

Above are a few of the many pieces she has created but you pawsitively must go to  Anja Wilfing site to see more.

Bark out which one barks to you; we love to hear from you.

Have a pawsome weekend.

CEOOlivia โค