Lets Put an End to Puppy Mills



For the month of April we are taking aim at puppy mills. Those who breed dogs for profit. Let’s be blunt, this is an evil practice. We are talking about people that force dogs to breed over & over & over until they have nothing left to give & then are discarded or die of poor health. Far too often these poor dogs are kept in terrible conditions. Poor food (the cheapest), no exercise, no interaction with other dogs except to be bred. Often they live out their lives in small cages, in basements or backyard sheds. Puppy’s that aren’t sell-able are “disposed of” by either dropping them off at a shelter or by killing them.

Spring seems to be the time of year that people think about getting a puppy. Too often people take what they think is the appropriate route & go to a pet store or look for ads on Kijiji. Unfortunately, these puppies likely came from a puppy mill a.k.a. a backyard breeder. We want to see this practice made illegal. It is not our intent to shock so we will not be posting any images that are too graphic. We could – because there is an ocean of visual evidence, but we won’t.

Did your dog come from a puppy mill? Would you know? We’ll touch on that this month. We will also pay tribute to Harley, who sadly passed away last week. He was the face of the anti-puppy mill movement. Rescued from a mill himself, his organization raised over a million dollars to fight the puppy mill industry.

We will also share links to campaigns aimed towards shutting down puppy mills, such as the petition to get Kijiji to delete their pet section altogether. And we will take aim at the American Kennel Association for their full support of the puppy mill industry.

Adopt, don’t shop. You’ll be putting an end to so much suffering.

CEO Olivia ❤

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