Puppy Mills Online



Hello everyone, Olivia here. If you don’t already know, we firmly believe in the “adopt, don’t shop” philosophy. Today I want to touch on what I think is a bad idea, the buying or selling of puppies through eBay classified ads or any classified ad for that matter.

Several years ago, eBay planned to have a live animals category in their auctions, but public outcry was so strong that they abandoned the plan. Then eBay Classifieds came along, providing a vast marketplace for puppy mills & backyard breeders to mislead unsuspecting consumers. How can eBay possibly ensure that the thousands of breeders selling through eBay Classifieds are reputable? They don’t even try.

Further more, there is no way for people selling animals over the internet to know whether the buyer at the other end is a suitable home or someone looking for animals to abuse, fight or use for research.

In my opinion the best way to get a puppy or adult dog is to go to your local shelter or rescues (there are breed specific rescues) & adopt. It’s the right thing to do. Shelters are full, always. Go & meet some dogs & I bet you’ll come home with a new best friend. And as a bonus you just made space for another dog at the shelter or rescue.

By the way, that’s the late Harley in the picture. He was rescued from a puppy mill.

CEO Olivia