Bicycle Chain Dog Sculptures

Canine Culture

hello everyone, CEO Olivia here. Today I have sniffed out some wooftastic art from recycled materials. In 2010  Artist Nirit lavav Packer made a choice to focus on one material – bicycle chains, and one subject – dogs. The material was discovered “by coincidence” during one of her visits at a bicycle repair shop. She asked the owner to save his “garbage” for her.  The result was a series of sculptures she called, “Unchained”. Have a look at a few.

Have a pawsome weekend

CEO Olivia ❤

Dog Sculptures

Canine Culture

dog_sculptures 1

Today we are looking at some wooftastic art. Israeli artist Nirit Levav makes life size sculptures of dogs from used bicycle chains.


The dog sculptures are part of a series called “Unchained”. The artist got her inspiration while visiting a bike repair shop & seeing all the chains that the store was going to throw away. She asked for some & created her first dog sculpture, a Rottweiler.

Please have a look at her pawsome work.


Nirit Levav

CEO Olivia