Christmas Puppies



With the holiday season upon us, people will be shopping for gifts. A lot of people will be finding a new puppy under the Christmas tree. There are two things about this I need to discuss.

First, a lot of people get a puppy for the wrong reason & don’t grasp the responsibility involved. Yes, they are cute but they are also a long term commitment. It’s a wonderful thought for a child to awaken to a new puppy on Christmas morning, but what about after? It’s a sad fact that shelters get a lot of puppies come spring because some family didn’t think things through.

Second, if you have thought it through & are ready for a new family member, please do not go to a pet store. They are supplied by puppy mills in most cases. You don’t want to support that industry. Adopt, don’t shop, go to your local shelter. They may not have puppies on the day you visit but there will be many dogs of all ages looking for a forever home. I’ve said it often, when you adopt you enrich three lives, yours, the dog you adopted & the one you just made space for.

CEO Olivia