Artist Taku Inoue

Canine Culture


My huMom can’t help but LOL when she sees any form of slapstick. So it comes as no surprise to hear her roaring to a retro TV cartoon called, Tom & Jerry. It was a silly slapstick about a cat trying to catch a mouse. Both Tom the cat & Jerry the mouse would often get squished or bashed, not unlike a certain cartoon coyote.

Tom & Jerry have become quite the inspiration for Japanese artist Taku Inoue. He has been turning Tom & Jerry’s misfortunes into playful little sculptures, capturing all the hilarious situations the characters find themselves in.



I’m just glad they’re only cartoons. Goodness me.

CEO Olivia

Wordless Wednesday for June 19th

wordless wednesday

Welcome to Wordless Wednesday brought to you by Knotty Toys for Good Dogs. A time where we paws & reflect.

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