Photographer Walter Chandoha

Canine Culture

Hello everyone, CEO Olivia reporting. Walter Chandoha was a prawlific photographer, known especially for his photographs of animals, especially cats. Over his long career, his archive grew to more than 225,000 photographs including approximately 90,000 photographs of cats.😺😺😺

He started taking photographs as a child with the family Kodak camera. Later he would be drafted into the military during World War II where he served as a press photographer & then as a combat photographer in the Pacific War theater.

One night while walking home from classes he found a kitten shivering in the snow. The kitten, Loco, became one of his favorite subjects. His enjoyment of photographing that cat prompted him to become a free-lance photographer, eventually specialized in photographs of cats. That’s some meowsome cat😻

Walter passed away at the age of 98 but not before having his work appear on more than 300 magazine covers & thousands of advertisements.

Let’s see some furbulous felines shall we?


Have a pawsome weekend.

CEO Olivia

Cats from a Different Perspective.

Canine Culture

Photographer Andrius Burba began taking pictures of cats from below in 2015 with cats on a black background. In the intervening years he has added dogs, rabbits, bicycles, & even horses. The most recent collection swaps out the black backdrops for bright colors. Mr. Burba places a cat on a glass surface & shoots from below, with the backdrop placed above the cat. The resulting photographs show the unique fur, eyes, & personalities of the subject cat, as they strike poses that convey curiosity, boredom, or annoyance. You can see the full collection the Underlook website. Underlook also shares updates on InstagramFacebook.

I wonder what Dottie & Jerry Underfoot would think of this?

Have a wooftastic weekend.

CEO Olivia