A Dog is a Dog. End BSL Everywhere!



I get barking mad when I hear about a dog being condemned simply because of it’s breed. I came across a petition to save a dog in Belfast, Ireland named Hank, who has been taken from his home & is going to be killed simply because he looks like a pit bull.

This mindless bureaucracy must end. There is BSL (breed specific legislation) in many countries all over the world. Dog are killed by authorities simply because they are of a specific breed or worse, they simply look like a specific breed. This is cruel & backwards.

There is a viable, proven alternative. It’s called the “Canine Threat Assessment Guide”, or C-TAG. Australia has already adopted it, but it should be applied everywhere. Dogs should not be at risk simply because of their appearance. I urge everyone to write your local government representative & tell them that C-TAG is better than BSL. It saves innocent lives.

Please sign the petition to help Hank & save his family from heartache.

Petition for Hank at Change.org

Petition for Hank at Justgiving.com

You can read more at Save Hank on Facebook

CEO Olivia