And The Winners Are…


Hello everyone, CEO Olivia here. Today I am excited to announce the winners of my Barkday Silent Auction. I would like to thank everyone who pawticipated.

Here are our winners.

The Li’l Gnaw was won by Deanne Rogers-Tanksley

The Big Gnaw was won by Melody Glenn-Tunner

The Knotty Nips were won by Chalky White Olsen

The Knotty Rove Tosser was won by Toby the Puppy Bomb

The HerbaCoat was won by Melody Glenn-Tunner

The E-Z rest was won by Dorrie Rock

And the framed picture of your’s truly was won by Rick Selwood.

Congratulations to you all. Winners can send funds to our Paypal account which is,

CEO Olivia ❤ nose nudges ❤