Adora-Bull Rescue


Hello everyone, Olivia here. Today I want to tell you about a Rescue that for me, is kind of special. The face of our Knotty Toys logo is of Chelsea, who was a Bull Terrier. Adora-Bull Rescue & Rehabilitation is a non profit based in the city of Vereeniging, which is in South Africa. Their focus is on Bull Terrier’s, who in South Africa, have an unearned reputation as a dangerous breed. As a result, many end up as strays.

Adora-Bull Rescue takes in strays who are then provided veterinary care, shelter & training, eventually re-homing them to suitable, experienced homes. They also use social media to network to help other dogs in shelters. They also provide information & training to the public. Adora-Bull Rescue shares our belief in, “adopt don’t shop!”

You can visit them on Facebook too.

Remember, a dog is a dog, there are no “dangerous breeds”. End BSL everywhere!

CEO Olivia