Artist Diana Sudyka

Canine Culture

HuMom has a box where she keeps odd & quirky stickers, stamps, labels & other small bits in.  She said she finds inspiration in them.  She doesn’t know what they will become but feels their creative pawtential.  This is much like how today’s artist creates her works of art using collected vintage stamps to inspire her wonderfully wooftastic pieces.

Chicago based illustrator Diana Sudyka has both her Bachelor of Fine Arts in printmaking & Master of Fine Arts.  She worked as an intaglio printmaker for years at the Big Cat Press & would use the equipment for her own work after hours.  Intaglio is the family of printing & printmaking techniques in which the image is carved into a surface & the carved line or sunken area holds the ink. It is the opposite of a relief print, where the parts of the impression that make the image stand above the main surface.

Diana Sudyka selects a stamp as her inspiration, but without a specific idea of the painting that she will create from it.  “I let the stamp inform the subject matter & color palette. It’s a very intuitive process. The stamp is really just a stepping off point to get my imagination going.” There is also the narrative text & phases she adds that I know pawsitively doglite my huMom.

Let’s have a look at what I have sniffed out.

Do you have a box or container in which you keep collected inspiration?

Have a pawsome weekend. We remain under “stay at home” orders. Stay safe.

CEO Olivia


Honoring the Memory of GG


Hello everyone, it’s been a month since my pig bro GG left us. The house seems very empty without him & I have had to comfort huMom a lot because she gets sad when she thinks of him.

We wanted to do something to honor GG’s memory. So we are sponsoring a pig called Pumba, who lives at the Ruby Ranch pig & Farm Animal Sanctuary. It’s run by huMom’s friends Sherry & Bob.

It’s not good that Sanctuaries for pigs are necessary but I’m glad there are humans like Sherry & Bob. People get fooled into thinking micro or teacup pigs are real. They aren’t. Pot Bellied pigs like GG can be smaller than pigs like Esther, but still, GG was about 150 lbs. On top of that, pigs are not like dogs or cats. They are more like small humans, not fully able to reason with but well able to demand. Far too often humans get a pig not understanding that they will get big, are very intelligent & will be a 15 – 20 year commitment.

With our monthly donation we will help cover the cost of Pumba’s food & shelter throughout his life. There are many pigs at Ruby Ranch so any help is always welcome. Shelters for pigs have become like shelters for dogs & cats in that they are often stretched to the limit. Too many pigs are being surrendered by humans who didn’t do their due diligence.

Perhaps you would like to sponsor a pig. I bet there is a pig rescue near you that could use help. GG would be pleased.

CEO Olivia