Artist Diana Beltrán Herrera

Canine Culture

In 2012, Bristol-based artist Diana Beltrán Herrera began sculpting layered paper birds & other wildlife. Her lifelike pieces capture nature’s finely detailed & minuscule elements, like the fibrous texture of feathers or the veins running through leaves.

Much of her work centers on conservation efforts & environmental justice. For example, a recent commission by Greenpeace UK bolstered the organization’s Plastic Free Rivers campaign. ”I am constantly looking for more subjects that are relevant to the times we are living in, so that through my work I can communicate important information that can educate or just make things more visible. The approach is very (graphic) and visual, which helps to deliver a message,” she says.

To sniff out more of Beltrán Herrera’s creative process & follow her future pieces, head over to her Instagram.

Have a safe, pawsome weekend.

CEO Olivia