Keeping My Organs Tone With Omega Alpha’s Supplements


We loves when you ask us questions.  This says to us that you trust us to help you make the best decision for your good dog(s) & cat(s).  We pawsitively feel that sharing knowledge is a wagnificent way to show we care.  Last month I yapped about what supplements I take & I pawmised to come back to yapp about my seasonal supplements, CBD & other supplements I take off & on.  So this week I will be barking about the seasonal supplements that help improve my well being & can assist in your good dog & cat’s well being.

My huMom likes to give me a cleanse when the seasons change. I take a lot of medications due to living with idiopathic epilepsy, which are hard on my organs, so they can use a little help now & then. Every good dog & cat benefits from an organ detoxification or cleansing at least twice a year; Spring & Fall preferably.

HuMom usually does it every 3 or 4 months; like I said, I take medication that are hard on my organs.  I’ll be given a natural, gentle cleanse or flush for my kidneys, liver & lungs. We like to focus on one organ at a time but that isn’t written in stone; a saying i picked up from you humans, BOL.

Our choice is Omega Alpha supplements & has been for most of my life. This is why we carry their products in our store. But we are not being paid to endorse them;  huMom simply trusts in their effectiveness & safety.

The 3 Seasonal Pawducts are: LiverTone, LungTone & KidneyTone

  • Promote healthy organ functions
  • Supports liver, lung & kidney systems
  • Contain antioxidants (reducing inflammation)
  • Support stress & energy levels
  • Aids in natural detoxifications processes
  • Contains herbal nutrients from TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

With allergy season approaching huMom likes to include LungTone which she simply adds to my meals, usually my breakfast.  Sometimes  I have issues with the dreaded eye gunk monster.  LungTone is a respiratory formula & is pawsome  for assisting in clearing it up.  We also use it during the winter or damp months when we have the woodstove burning.

The lungs are primary organs of detoxification in both humans &  us good dogs & cats.  We breathe in the same environmental & biological toxins as you humans do, & we benefit from a gentle cleanse of the lung to improve our respiratory health.

The Benefits of Omega Alpha‘s LungTone:

🐾Helps to suppress coughs

🐾Helps in easy breathing

🐾Acts as an expectorant by cleansing the lungs & reduce toxins

🐾Reduce inflammation for easier breathing

🐾Provide antioxidants to lung tissue while reducing mucus & toxins

🐾Increase blood flow to the lungs

Vaccinations, drugs, & flea, tick & heartworm pawventatives, poor quality foods, cleaning pawducts, fertilizers & pesticides contain toxins we dogs & cats can absorb. Even if you don’t use these pawducts, your neighbors likely do.  If these toxins are not regularly removed from our bodies they’ll start to interfere with our normal body functions & lead to disease.

To assist your good dogs & cats liver cleanse we recommend Omega Alpha‘s LiverToneLiverTone is our go to for effective healthy liver support & cleanse. We have been using it for a decade. LiverTone is a pawtacular healthy & safe solution for dogs & cats. I use it Every 3 – 4 months for 30 days. I’m coming up on my 13th Barkday & my last visit to the Vet resulted in all my test coming back wagnificently healthy. I am scheduled this month for a new appointment; I will let you nose how it goes.

Listed below are the benefits of Omega Alpha‘s LiverTone.

🐾Provides antioxidants to the liver tissue while removing toxins

🐾Helps to remove waste metabolites & cleanse the liver, supporting many liver functions

🐾Improves energy levels in dogs & cats

🐾Aids reduction of waste metabolites

🐾Maintains healthy liver functions

🐾Helps with fatty liver (weight loss)

🐾Bitter Herbs increase bile excretions

🐾Antioxidants are anti-inflammatory

Your furmily cat or dog need not suffer the ill effects of a toxic or fatty liver. Omega Alpha‘s LiverTone is suitable for both cats & dogs, is an easy-to-use, & better absorbed liquid formulation. Pawtect the ones you love & use LiverTone to pawtect their liver, their health & well being.

The kidneys filter & remove toxins from the blood. If they are stressed from overwork they can be compromised & won’t function well. Over time this can lead to serious organ damage that can be fatal.  Kidney disease is a common problem in cats, affecting more than 1/3 of older cats.

KidneyTone is a detoxing formula made for both good dogs & cool cats. Everyone here takes it seasonally, even my feline siblings Dottie & Jerry Underfoot. It’s a liquid herbal concoction based on both Chinese & western medicine. Just like soap makes for cleaner dishes, KidneyTone helps cleanse the kidneys with it’s special herbs & antioxidants. Keeping the blood clean pawvents disease like cancer from having a toxic environment suited to it’s growth. The less toxic you are the better you can absorb nutrients as well.  KidneyTone also helps me pee out more toxins & can help keep my urinary tract healthy.

The Benefits of KidneyTone are:

🐾Maintains & promotes healthy kidney functions

🐾Helps the body to excrete more urine naturally

🐾May improve systems of urinary tract problem

🐾Provides a rich source of antioxidants that are important for normal kidney functions

🐾Increases excretion of metabolites/toxins from the body



HuMom & I love using Omega Alpha‘s LungTone, LiverTone & KidneyTone.  They are safe, effective, all natural pure quality remedies & because at Omega Alpha they take the time to talk & answers your questions. HuMom calls all the time & Joanne Carr R.H.N., B.A, ESC is not only friendly but ready to answer any question even if huMom has asked her before.  Joanne clearly feels like we do about the Omega Alpha’s product line, “They’re Pawtastic”.


*  Note * Wait 2 hours before using medication or 2 hours after using medication for full effectiveness with these 3 wagnificent supplements.


Have a pawsome week, CEO Olivia, Dot & Jerry Underfoot 💜


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2 thoughts on “Keeping My Organs Tone With Omega Alpha’s Supplements

  1. So many pawsum meddycinss there Olivia….
    What due you recommend for mee deelin with stinky durg fumess? Liver an Kidney? Lungss??
    BellaSita iss wurried mee needss sumthin…..
    Can you emagine that there iss a Poochie that livess with purrson who does CRACK?!?!?!? I wunder how that poor Pooch copess? Wee 2 doorss down an sumtimess gaspin fore air!!
    Thanx fore alllwayss purrvidin guud innfo!
    ***nose kissess*** BellaDharma an (((hugss))) BellaSita Mum

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Any or all would be good but if you had to choose only one, pawhaps KidneyTone since kidney issues are high for felines.
      That is so fury sad. So many suffering. We send pawsitive energy, strength & compassion. May they find the strength to help themselves 🐾💜🐾

      Liked by 1 person

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