What the dog is PURPLE DAY? you may ask. Hi CEO Olivia here today to yap about. I know, we don’t  normally publish on Saturday but that’s how pawtastic PURPLE DAY is.

‘PURPLE DAY is an international grassroots effort dedicated to increasing awareness about epilepsy worldwide. Every year people & furleggers in countries around the world are invited to wear purple & host events in support of epilepsy awareness on March 26th. More than 85 countries on all continents pawticipated in Purple Day last year.  Canada which is where huMom & I are from is the only country in the world who officially recognizes March 26th as Purple Day through the Purple Day Act implemented on June 28, 2012. To dig up more I suggest pawing on over to PURPLEDAY.ORG

Today we are joining in blog hop along with FurAngel Gibson of Fivesibes, & Angel Rolo (Confessions of a Rescue Mom) mom Kimberly Matchem , Ru of Ruby The Therapy Dog, & Gibbs of GIBBS-erish…Making Sense of Canine Epilepsy.



Over time we have we have met so many pawtastic Canine Epi-Warriors through social media.  Many of my fellow Epi-Warriors are still fighting the epi-monster but sadly, others have fallen. We send out our love & strength to all those living with canine epilepsy & those who have lost a loved one. 💜 gently nose nudges 💜  



We ask if you are in the pawsition to please think of giving $5 to our charity of choice, The Wally  Foundation ~ Canine Epilepsy.  They are a wooftastic organization that helps families who are struggling with the cost of life saving medication for their canine Epilepsy Warriors.  Get your purple on & post a pic.  You could be the winner of their “WHO WORE IT BEST” contest.




If you haven’t already, run to your closets & dig out your finest purple for Purple Day. Show your support for Epilepsy Warriors everywhere.

CEO Olivia 💜 CEO Olivia in a Purple Scarf


Remember, if you have a question we love to pawvide you with answers.  Reach out to us here, through Instagram, Facebook, email or call us.  If you don’t have long distance calling contact us online & let us call you. Have a pawsome week, CEO Olivia, Dot & Jerry Underfoot 💜

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