Wordless Wednesday for December 15th

wordless wednesday



It’s Wordless Wednesday here at Knotty Toys for Good Dogs (& Cool Cats). Take a moment with us to paws & reflect

CEO Olivia 💜 nose nudges 💜


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8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday for December 15th

    1. It is my yard & I love to pawtrol it.
      We have had so many storms with snow, rain, freezing rain & wagnificent winds up to 85km that most of the snow has melted or turned to ice making parts of my yard dog gone dangerous.
      Hope you get some snow my furiend 💜nose nudges💜


      1. This weather is pawsitively unpredictable & unsettling for us Epilepsy Warriors.
        I hope you get your snow❄️❄️❄️I pawmise to be careful on the ice. HuMom is with me & making me wear my harness so she can assist me. Have a pawsome day my furiend 💜nose nudges💜


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