Trillions of Cicadas!


Hello everyone. The cicadas are coming if you’re in the USA. There are over 3000 different types of cicadas, but this round, called brood X has been asleep for 17 years. This is their moment. Literally, trillions have emerged from their slumber. They’re big & very noisy, but over all they are harmless.

However, eating them will be hard to resist for some good dogs & cool cats & that can present a health risk. They aren’t poisonous, they don’t bite or sting & eating one probably won’t pawsent an issue, but eating a bunch can.

Cicadas are slow moving & if you’re not experiencing it already, they will be everywhere. The real issue is the hard carapace or eco-skeleton of cicadas. It’s crunchy & when chewed up the carapace can become sharp little shards that can irritate the mouth, throat & digestive tract. Eating too many can cause an upset stomach, vomiting or diarrhea. No dog or cat likes any of that nastiness.

With the cicadas also comes a large wasp called, cicada killers, they will typically mind to their business of catching cicadas, but the females can deliver a dog gone painful sting to a curious four legger.

Cicada killer wasps

For the next few weeks if you find yourself over run with brood X cicadas, keep an eye on your good dog or cool cat when they are outside. If they think this is a time for feasting, maybe keep them indoors except for essential business meetings.

CEO Olivia โค

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