Artist Who Have Gone To The …..SQUIRRELS!

Canine Culture

“Shiny Squirrel” (2021) Artist Florentijn Hofman

Today’s blog conception dogveloped while huMom was having her morning coffee & read out loud, “There’s a 15′ giant squirrel statue outside a Chongqing Botanical Garden.”  That is way too much squirrel in my canine experience; good dog!

“Shiny Squirrel” (2021) ~ Artist Florentijn Hofman

I can’t dogny even my huMom has gone to the squirrels.  I saw her offering pumpernickel toast with almond butter to a squirrel in the bird feeder tree today. Good dog, in my own backyard; where I pawtrol daily…huff’n & puff’n.  With that barked, I dogcided to dig into what other humans were doing in the name of squirrel.  Let’s take a sniff but remember, this is squirrel; sassy & belligerent. 🐿🐿

The Bernie Squirrel, Watercolor Print ~

Squirrel Papercraft Paper Sculpture Origami Kit ~

Geometric Squirrel Enamel Pins ~

‘Looking For Lunch’ Grey Squirrel., Artist K J Hayler

Flower Beard, 40″ x 40″, oil on wood panel, 2015, Artist Carollyne Yardley

Fauna In Fashion ~ Artist Carolyn Schmitz

Pawsitively the most dogsturbing yet huMom thinks it’s hairlarious! 🐿🐿

Funny Squirrel, 8 x 10 Acrylic Print ~ Artist Linda Chapman

Have a pawsome weekend. Remember to be more dog & stay safe.

CEO Olivia


Note: Knotty Toys for Good Dogs is simply sharing pawsome images & does not endorse sites or listings in this piece.

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