Photographer Andrius Burba

Canine Culture


Who doesn’t love an under dog?

Last March 2020 we wrote about Andrius Burba’s Cats series.  Today we take a look at his Under Dog series in which he celebrates us wooftastic dogs.  In this series he photographs his pawtacular dog models with a black background & sheet of glass as the stage creating the illusion that his models are floating in space, with their floppy ears, tail, & fur free flowing towards the viewer.  Each  pawsome pup playfully interacts with the glass surface in which they stand on while they unknowingly have their photo taken. Some look pawplexed by the experience, while others appear to be pawfessional models who are unpawterbed by this request.  If you need more you can follow Andrius Burba on Instagram.

Let’s have a look at what I have dug up.

Have a pawsome weekend. We remain under “stay at home” orders. Stay safe.

CEO Olivia

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