Multimedia Artist Debbie Lawson

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Welcome to Friday everyone, CEO Olivia reporting. Just when I thought I’d sniffed out every type of art, I dug up something new. Sculptures made from carpets.

Artist Debbie Lawson is a Scottish-born multimedia artist.  Her work is one of color &  an exploration of the imagination that takes the viewer on a journey through the cultural traditions surrounding objects in our everyday lives. Her artwork takes the familiar & transforms it into something unexpected. Debbie Lawson states her aim is to rouse emotion in the viewer; take them to their inner spaces while merging a two-dimensional world with a three-dimensional one.

Lawson does so by using traditional Persian carpets & Oriental rugs. She transforms them into pawtastic three-dimensional sculptures that are wooftastic. Using chicken wire & masking tape & layers of luscious carpets, Lawson creates life-size renditions of animals that pawsitively jump out of the fabric at you. Her sculptures fuse the human-made world with the world of plants & animals in a wagnificently imaginative way.

Let’s have a look.

You can sniff out more of Debbie Lawson’s carpeted creatures on her websiteInstagram.

Have a pawsome weekend. We are under “stay at home” orders. Stay safe.

CEO Olivia

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