The Wally Foundation Canine Epilepsy


Hello everyone, CEO Olivia reporting. Today I want to bark about the Wally Foundation ~ Canine Epilepsy (TWF for short). They are our charity of choice, but more than that, my huMom sits on the board of directors.  She has been the TWF’s  Director of Communications for several years now. Her current pawsition is Secretary & Director of Social Media Officer.

The Wally Foundation is a not for profit charity that provides financial assistance for qualifying owners of canine epileptics as well as rescue groups to obtain medications & veterinary services. Although officially in Delaware, TWF donates globally. No one should have to choose between food on the table or affording medication or treatments for their epileptic four legger. Further more, no one should have to surrender or worse, euthanize their beloved companion due to a lack of understanding of the disorder, or a lack of resources. 

Here is a link to read more about TWF.

What we are pawsitively excited to share today is that TWF is having a fundraising event from their Facebook page.

With any donation of $5 or more made today until March 22nd ( $6 outside of USA) you will receive a Purple Ribbon decal in the mail📮📬
Simply click on ‘Learn More’ below their Facebook banner & it will take you to TWF PayPal account.
Get Your Purple On for Purple Day 2021 March 26th 🐾💜🐾
Decals donated by TWF Advisor Janet Archer.
Stay tuned because a purple birdy told me that there is more fun ways to Show Your Purple for Purple Day & support The Wally Foundation-Canine Epilepsy coming our way in the next week!
Have a pawsome day,
Epilepsy Warrior CEO Oliva 🐾💜🐾



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