Artist Harriet Mead

Canine Culture

HuMom loves metal objects; especially if they are created from found pieces or picked from recycled objects.  This is why we are sharing wildlife artist Harriet Mead’s pawtastic work today.  Animals & birds are the inspiration for her work. From an early age Harriet developed an interest in wildlife. Her late father, Chris Mead, well known author & broadcaster had a passion for birds & he gave Harriet an appreciation of the natural beauty of birds & animals. Harriet Mead’s mother was also artistic & encouraged her & her sisters to draw & sketch.

Harriet Mead uses welded steel to create her wagnificent sculptures, “It enables me to capture the movement of the subject & balance the pieces in a way that would be impossible if I were using a more traditional material.  My early work was made of sheet steel with scrap items for detail but for many years I have used entirely found objects to create the sculptures. I try very hard to capture the essence of the animal without sentimentality & use the objects in a sympathetic way to outline the strength & muscle structure of the subject.  I want to capture something of the quiet presence of an animal & not necessarily the drama.”

Her pawsome sculptures are combination of other people’s discarded junk & her love of the subject. The animal is her inspiration. “I like to say that I make natural history out of agricultural history. A sculpture is often inspired by one item that then takes me on a journey to the finished creature.”

Lets take a sniff of this rustastic artist’s wooftastic creations.

You can see more of her wagnificent work, we sniffed out her website. Have a safe, wooftastic weekend. CEO Olivia 💜

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