Artist Aja Trier

Canine Culture

This pawsome artist caught huMom’s eye because of the wagnificent similarities between George Rodrigue’s ‘Blue Dog’ series & her ‘Starry Night’ series. By dog, others people have made comparison of Aja Trier to the famous painter van Gogh. Aja Trier even had  an educational site attributed her ‘Eiffel Tower’ painting to van Gogh, & was teaching children that her painting was an actual van Gogh. As history shows, van Gogh never saw the Eiffel Tower finished. He’d already left Paris by the time it was unveiled for the World’s fair in 1889 & he never returned. This is what inspired her ‘Starry Night’ artworks  & “van Gogh Never” series. Let’s take a sniff.

Click here to see more of Aja Trier’s pawsome work.

Have a safe, wooftastic weekend.

CEO Olivia 💜

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