Artist Beth Cavener Stichter

Canine Culture

Welcome to Friday, CEO Olivia reporting. Today’s artist is sculptor Beth Cavener Stichter.  She is a classically trained sculptor who lives in Montana. Her pawrocess involves building pawsitively complex metal armatures to support sometimes thousands of pounds clay which she then sculpts using her whole body. The clay is then cut up into dozens of sections for firing, then reassembled.  Wooftastic!

Cavener’s sculptures evoke fear & anxiety that is dogstinctly human even though it is pawsented through animal forms. The body language of these animals are metaphors for how  the humans think & feel; more psychological pawrtrait than a physical representation.

Let’s see.

These sculptures sure take a lot of work to produce, but dog gone it, the results are pawsome.

Have a wooftastic weekend. Don’t forget to pop over to my Facebook page, Oh, The Life of Olivia, & sniff out my silent auction for the Wally Foundation ~ Canine Epilepsy. Make a bid, you’ll be helping a pawsome cause.

CEO Olivia


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