Remembering My Fur Sister Suzie Q


Hello everyone CEO Olivia reporting. Today we are in mourning. My fur sister Suzie Q left this world yesterday. As far as we can determine she was 15 or 16 years old. We will miss her terribly.

Suzie was rescued from a horrid life on an 8 foot chain. Left outside year round with no bedding in her plywood dog house. She became part of our family eight years ago. Always the rebel she could escape any yard, no matter how tall or layered the fence. But she never went far.

When Dottie was a kitten along with her sisters & brother, Suzie was their surrogate mom. We were told she hated cats but the delight she took in the kittens was obvious.

We shared many walks & swims with huMom & SAM. She was by my side for many years & I will miss seeing her beside me by the woodstove.

We will always cherish her memory. Good bye Lady Q.

CEO Olivia

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