Things You Can Do For Your Senior Good Dog


Hello everyone, CEO Olivia reporting. Today I’m barking about what you the human can do to help your good dog maintain a good quality of life in the autumn years.

Let’s start with diet. As your good dog ages she/he will require more protein. A higher moisture content & an increased protein intake will help aging organs process what your good dog eats. Obviously, the less processed food is the better. Whole foods will always be better than processed dog food, especially kibble. Carbs are never that good but as we age they are even harder to metabolize.

Exercise is always impawtant, but more so as we mature. Daily walks & physical activity can keep a good dog limber & fit. Water therapy is also good for older dogs. The water can be soothing to sore muscles & floating in a doggy life jacket can ease pressure on joints that years of gravity have been ruff on.

You can also enjoy a nice bonding experience while doing passive range of motion exercises (PROM). These gentle massages can increase the movement range in a joint or limb by carefully stretching the muscles & tendons. PROM exercises can be done 2 or 3 times a day for short periods of time. If your both watching TV on the couch, you can administer PROM exercises at the same time. It’s impawtant that the motion of each joint should be isolated from all other joints as much as possible. So if your working the wrist for example, keep the elbow from joining in.

Here’s a short video about how to do PROM exercises with your good dog.

Regular massage can keep muscles toned, improves circulation, eases stiffness & is good for the lymphatic system. I know my fur sister Suzie Q really enjoys getting her legs & lower back massaged.

Mental stimulation is vital as we age. Regular socialization & play time are wooftastic ways to keep us engaged in the world. Puzzle toys can be great fun while exercising our brains while delivering treats.

Finally, something really impawtant at any stage in a good dog’s life is good oral health. A healthy diet, regular brushing & vet exams can prevent oral diseases. Infections in the teeth or gums can be very painful but worse, they can spread into our blood stream, infecting other organs. My huMom brushes my teeth every night with a hemp finger tooth brush. She’s been able to prevent plaque build up which is a good thing for me.

So just like you humans, we may require more maintenance as we age, but the payoff is that being healthy & pain free makes life worth living.

CEO Olivia





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