Animal Romance in the Time of Covid

Canine Culture

Hello everyone, CEO Olivia reporting. Today I’ve sniffed out a pawsome video.

The new music video for Groove Armada’s track Lover 4 Now re imagines a pawfect cat & dog romance for current times, where life & love are increasingly experienced through virtual means.

Director, designer & artist Fons Scheidon worked on the project from a makeshift studio in the corner of his bedroom, he chose to take a “joyous approach” to visualizing dating in the age of the Covid virus by telling the story through the eyes of a non human animal.

Scheidon’s cat scratchy, hand-drawn style is full of character, & pawfectly captures the independent nature of meowsome cats in feline protagonist, Cosmo, & the clumsy, lovable charm of wooftastic dogs as seen in love interest Mio, who even has a heart-shaped nose. If you look, all us good dogs have a heart-shaped nose.  😉

“I love observing animals observe the world, so the video comes from a fascination with how animals learn & interact with their environment,” Scheidon says. “With the cats in my life I’ve often felt that if I were to disappear, they would probably eventually figure out how to get food delivered using my credit card.” 😹😹

huMom & I think this is a wooftastic video. Have a watch & tell me what do you think?

Have a pawsome weekend.

CEO Olivia

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