Dog Days at the Aird Gallery Toronto

Canine Culture

Karen Ly
Terra, Watercolours 8 x 8

The John B. Aird Gallery, is located in the heart of Toronto, Canada. Commonly known as the “Aird”, it’s one of the few remaining public art galleries in Toronto, huMom’s hometown.

In June of 2020, the Aird put out a call for dog-themed artworks to be part of a juried exhibition called Dog Days. The call stated: “We are interested in works that explore dogs as emotional & physical supports, domestic companions, family members, mythic beings, & cultural symbols. We’re interested in mutts of all kinds as well as pedigreed pooches.”

The response was pawtacular, they received submissions from 87 artists & reviewed well over 100 works which contained a wide range of dog depictions. The works fall into four broad categories based on the kinds of human-dog relations they present: good dog art, symbolic dogs, packs, & dogumentary.

Have a sniff.

Christian Chapman
A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, Screenprint on paper 22 x 28


Jackie Rancourt
My Vacation Buddy, Polaroid transfer 4 x 3


Cheryl Garrett-Jenkins
The Ball 4, Traditional painted with glass wire framed 3.5 x 4

Diana Bennett
Stick Toss, Mixed media 40 x 30

C.M. Duffy
Dog Walking, Mixed media 5 x 7

Moise Piuze
Dog Ideas, Mixed media on canvas 55 x 38

Eric Colquhoun
Otto, Graphite 17 x 11

Nathan Cole
Buria, Quill on scratchboard 9 x 12

Brigitte Nowak
Dog and Shadow, Oil 24 x 24

Melissa Wakefield
Hugo, Oil on canvas 30 x 30

Jenny Reid
Walking in Sunshine, Watercolour 18 x 14

You can view or download a 92 page PDF of this wagnificent dog art.  HuMom loves stuff like this. How about you?

Have a pawsome weekend.

CEO Olivia

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