DOGust 1st is A Special Day


Hello everyone, CEO Olivia here. Although I’m a couple of days late, today I want to bark about something my furriends Toby, Moppet & Jeep told me about. I’m barking about DOGust 1st. It’s an official birthday for all rescue dogs everywhere who don’t have an official record of birth. Shelter workers can estimate a dog’s age, but they can never know precisely when they were born & nobody wants to see a good dog go without a birthday!

The Dogust 1st celebration was begun in 2008 by the North Shore Animal League America which is the world’s largest no-kill animal rescue & adoption organization. Shelters across America join together on this day to raise awareness & facilitate adoptions.

It’s not too late. You can still observe Dogust 1st. Here’s a couple of suggestions how. You can volunteer at a shelter, they always need help. Donations are always welcome as well, not just cash, food, blankets, toys or cat litter are always in demand.

If you have an adopted good dog, you may already celebrate a gotcha day, but who would say no to an extra day to celebrate? Take this special day to let your good dog know how loved they are.

I believe there may be some special treats in store for me as I was adopted from a shelter & my actual day of birth is unknown. How about you? Were you adopted from a shelter too? If so, a belated Happy Dogust 1st to you.

CEO Olivia


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