Artist Andy Thomas

Canine Culture

Hello everyone, CEO Olivia reporting, welcome to Friday. Based on an audio recording from a 2016 trip to the Amazon, Australian artist Andy Thomas interprets birds’ trills, squawks, & coos through an animated series of digital sculptures. An extension of a previous project, “Visual Sounds of the Amazon 2” is an abstract rendering composed of bursting dots, billowing fog, & flashes of amorphous forms that correspond to the avian calls. With each chirp, the fleeting masses contort, grow, & disassemble into a new, vibrant form. Watch this amazing video.

The artist ascribes “Visual Sounds of the Amazon 2” a more urgent context, as well. “This series is dedicated to the people of Brazil & the ecosystem of one of the world’s most amazing forests. The Amazon is known as the lungs of the world & is under constant & ongoing threats of deforestation,” he writes in a statement about the animated project. Sniff out more of Thomas’s visual explorations on InstagramVimeo.

Have a pawsome, safe weekend.

CEO Olivia

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