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‘Special Moments’ Jennefer Ann Gordon Grant

Hello everyone, welcome to Friday. Today I’m barking about an art contest held annually by an organization called, the National Anti-Vivisection Society or NAVS for short. They promote positive solutions to replace cruel & costly animal experiments with modern, human-relevant innovative methods of research, safety testing & education.

For the past 30 years, NAVS has held an open art contest for all ages which is called the Art For Animals Competition. In 2019 they had over 300 entries from around the world, with each bringing their own unique perspective on compassion for animals.

Let’s have a sniff at the winning art pieces from previous years.

‘Marta’ Faith Humphrey

‘Behind Closed Doors’ Noor Alvi

‘Don’t Blink’ Brittany Tangen

‘Happy Puppy’ Madison Cunningham

Bridge to Freedom’ Ceren Gobelez

‘I Love Them All’ Rossella Paolini

‘Hope’ Tal Duir

‘Breakthrough’ Regina Gelfer

Do you think you might want to enter one of your works of art in this years competition? If so you can find all the information on NAV’s  Art for Animals page.

CEO Olivia

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