The Live Like Roo Foundation


Hello everyone, Canine Executive Officer Olivia here. Today I want to tell you about a charity called, ‘Live like Roo’. The Live Like Roo Foundation has assisted over 8200 pets & their families through cancer diagnoses.

The foundation is named after a good dog named Roosevelt who was rescued from a shelter but sadly already was suffering from bone cancer. His adopted family made every effort to make sure his life was the fullest & happiest it could be.

The Live Like Roo Foundation offers financial assistance to qualifying families.  They also have Cancer Care Packages that include some of Roo’s favorite items, including a blanket, gift cards, toys & treats.

The Live Like Roo Foundation also has four other fund raising programs.

The Booker Fund is for hospice dogs with a cancer diagnosis. This Fund pays for hotel rooms, wagons, dog beds & anything a dog needs in the final days or months.

The Cappy Fund is specifically for rescue dogs with a cancer diagnosis.

Maggie’s Mission funds cats with cancer 100%. It is named for a gorgeous cat that was taken way too soon because of a cancer diagnosis. Under this mission, they cover medical costs in full for most cases.

Serenity’s Wish is a grant based fund available to Live Like Roo applicants. Serenity’s Wish is intended to assist pet parents through end of life care & decision making for their pets. This assistance is limited to hospice consults, palliative care, humane euthanasia & cremation.

It touches my heart knowing organizations like this are there to help. Please consider making a donation to The Live Like Roo Foundation. You’ll be helping a family get through a very difficult time.


CEO Olivia



4 thoughts on “The Live Like Roo Foundation

  1. Hi My name is Aubrey Limerick, I have a wonderful companion Pit/Lab mix named Junno Taco Limerick. I recently took her to the vet and had all of her lab work done with her shots. She had two masses on her that i was very concerned about. The vet took a sample of the one and it was a fatty limpoma. The
    Other is a Cancerous tumor on her side near her nipple. Vet fears it could be breast cancer.
    Junno is 10 years old and will need to be spayed during the operation.
    All of this said, I’m 57 years old and disabled. I’m on disability and live in low income housing.
    At the end of the month i don’t have enough money to pay for the surgery, because it is so much even if they break it down into payments.
    The payment will be too much for me to handle.
    If there is anything you can do to help Junno, it will be very much appreciated. God Bless your organization.

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