The Live Like Roo Foundation


Hello everyone, Canine Executive Officer Olivia here. Today I want to tell you about a charity called, ‘Live like Roo’. The Live Like Roo Foundation has assisted over 8200 pets & their families through cancer diagnoses.

The foundation is named after a good dog named Roosevelt who was rescued from a shelter but sadly already was suffering from bone cancer. His adopted family made every effort to make sure his life was the fullest & happiest it could be.

The Live Like Roo Foundation offers financial assistance to qualifying families.  They also have Cancer Care Packages that include some of Roo’s favorite items, including a blanket, gift cards, toys & treats.

The Live Like Roo Foundation also has four other fund raising programs.

The Booker Fund is for hospice dogs with a cancer diagnosis. This Fund pays for hotel rooms, wagons, dog beds & anything a dog needs in the final days or months.

The Cappy Fund is specifically for rescue dogs with a cancer diagnosis.

Maggie’s Mission funds cats with cancer 100%. It is named for a gorgeous cat that was taken way too soon because of a cancer diagnosis. Under this mission, they cover medical costs in full for most cases.

Serenity’s Wish is a grant based fund available to Live Like Roo applicants. Serenity’s Wish is intended to assist pet parents through end of life care & decision making for their pets. This assistance is limited to hospice consults, palliative care, humane euthanasia & cremation.

It touches my heart knowing organizations like this are there to help. Please consider making a donation to The Live Like Roo Foundation. You’ll be helping a family get through a very difficult time.


CEO Olivia



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