Boredom Breakers for Good Dogs and Cool Cats


Hello everyone, CEO Olivia here. I’ve been hearing that many of you two leggers are working from home. This is very wise of you to do this. For many of you, this also means your good dog is staying home with you because the doggy day care is closed and/or your daily walker is self isolating too. Again, that’s a very wise thing to do, but your good dog may miss the routine & get bored with being home all day.

It’s impawtant that a good dog gets plenty of physical exercise but it’s also impawtant for them to work their brains too. This also applies to cool cats, let’s not forget them. Boredom can lead to OCD & other “unwanted” behaviors such as destroying furniture. A canine couch potato is just as bad as it’s human counterpart. So here are a few suggestions to keep a dog’s mind sharp & it’s day more interesting while you two leggers work on those report things you do.

Food puzzle toys are invaluable boredom busters. Since my wild cousins spend much of their time scavenging for food, food puzzle toys offer a natural solution to dog boredom. Puzzle toys also encourage chewing & licking, which can have a calming effect on us good dogs.

There are lots of products available that can offer a number of difficulty levels. You can use something as simple as a Kong or ball stuffed with treats to more elaborate devices that require problem solving steps. Suzie Q prefers a Kong stuffed with treats. She doesn’t seem to understand my puzzle game. But I’m very smart. BOL!

You can also put food to work for you by making your good dog or cool cat hunt for it. Hide small treats of food in the house for your good dog or cool cat to “hunt.” Initially, make the treats very easy to find. As your furriend gets better at this game, practice hiding the food in more difficult spots.

A Knotty Toy for Good Dogs can be fun on these long days. They are gnawsome for interacting with your good dog. If you’re working online, it’s good for your eyes to take frequent breaks. Use the time to engage your pup with a game of tug of war or indoor fetch. Nothing makes a good dog happier than bonding with you.  Play is a great way to do that.

If we all do our part & be responsible, we will all be stronger on the other side of these times. Please, if you’ve been asked to stay home, do so. I’m serious.

Stay! ( I’ve always wanted to say that.)

CEO Olivia

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