Artist  Marina Okhromenko

Canine Culture

Hello one & all, CEO Olivia here. Today I have sniffed out some very colorful good dogs who are digital illustrations of artist Marina Okhromenko. Hoping to capture varying degrees of joy, devotion & adoration, the Moscow-based illustrator depicts dogs wearing different expressions, each distinguished through their eagerness & the intensity of their stares.

Okhromenko has a lifelong love for experimenting with color combinations. “As a child, my favorite toy was a kaleidoscope—you take and mix different colored pieces, and the result is always beautiful. A similar aesthetic in my work is my unique voice,” she said. You can sniff out more of Okhromenko’s vibrant projects on InstagramBehance.

I guess most two leggers will be home this weekend. Stay safe & wash your hands. We’ll get through this together.

CEO Olivia

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