In Times Like These



Hello everyone, CEO Olivia here. I’m sure no matter where you are, COVID-19 is either affecting your life or soon will be. People are being told to stay home, which has many scrambling for supplies. Many businesses will be shutting down for a time.

Shelters & rescues may have to suspend adoptions but they still have to care for the animals in their care, which means they still need financial help. I know you must take care of you & your family first. Just don’t forget that animal rescues & shelters still rely on your support.

If you have a neighbor who is elderly or has a compromised immune system & they have a pet, reach out to them. They are the ones most at risk, so maybe you could help them with pet supplies & shopping. In short, be a good neighbor.

Another thing that is very important, especially for those with epilepsy is that you have enough medication on hand to get through this crisis. Don’t put off ordering meds if you think you are low. I understand that most AEDs (anti seizure medications) are controlled substances which means you can only get so much at a time. It may be wise to consult with your vet & pharmacist.  My huMom had this conversation with our clinic just this morning.

Most important, is stay calm. Be kind, practice compassion. Reach out & help if & when you can.

CEO Olivia


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