A Dog House Is No House In Winter


Hi everyone, CEO Olivia reporting. We are in the dead of winter here in Canada. Day time temperatures stay below freezing & nights can be downright brutally cold, sometimes dipping to -40 C.

It distresses me that some humans still believe that dog houses & blankets are adequate enough protection for a good dog during freezing temperatures.

To prove a point, a veterinarian named Dr. Ernie Ward launched a passionate campaign to break this cycle of thinking when he chose to stay in a dog house for a winter night & broadcast the experience.

Even though Dr. Ward was geared up & ready for cold winter weather, he could only endure four hours inside the dog house. Keep in mind, he was dressed in layers of insulated clothing – something that we good dogs don’t have.

By the end of his 4 hours, Dr. Ward was shivering uncontrollably. The temperature inside the dog house had gone down to 15 F ( -9 C) & that is when Dr. Ward said, “enough”.

By the end of his time in the dog house, Dr. Ward was even more firm in his belief that dogs should be brought indoors during winter – regardless of breed. We at Knotty Toys for Good Dogs agree.

See for yourself, watch the video. 

Stay warm everyone.

CEO Olivia

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