Remembrance Day 2019


Today, November 11th is Remembrance Day here in Canada. It’s a day to pay respect & remember those who died fighting for their country.

A variety of animals have served in the military during the two world wars. Mules carried artillery, horses transported troops & hauled field guns, pigeons delivered crucial messages & dogs served as messengers, medical assistants, bomb detectors as well as search & rescue workers.

Two new commemorative pins have been issued by the Ontario SPCA & Humane for Remembrance Day. The “Animals in War” pins were created to honor the bravery of Canadian veterans & the animals who served by their side.

For each pin sold, $1 is donated to the Royal Canadian Legion to support veterans. Pins are available online for purchase at or at any one of the OSCPA & Humane Society’s locations across the province.

It’s sad that war is still with us. One day, I hope we are all just one happy pack.

CEO Olivia


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