Thanksgiving Turkeys


Hi everyone, CEO Olivia here. It’s Thanksgiving day here in Canada. It’s a celebration of the end of harvest time when families come together & feast on all the fresh food.

Today is a day to be thankful & focus on gratitude.  It’s also a time of year we here at Knotty Toys For Good Dogs like to celebrate the ancient beauty of turkeys. I think that turkeys are the one bird you can tell just by looking at them that they are descendants of dinosaurs.

Male turkeys are called “toms” or “gobblers”, female turkeys are called “hens.” On a quiet day, a gobble made by a male turkey can be heard up to a mile away.  The piece of flesh on the males face is called a waddle & it changes color depending on their mood.

Did you know that turkeys fly? They are very good at it too because they fly inside forests & have to dodge branches. They sleep up in trees at night as well.  HuMom has seen it.

Turkeys have up to 6,000 feathers in beautiful, iridescent shades of varying colors such as red, bronze, gold, & green.

I have had a good sniff analysis of turkey tracks. Where I live we see wild turkey families out foraging almost every day. They are beautiful, shy birds, I bark out a hello often.  They are too shy to respond. 😉

CEO Olivia

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