Helping the Good Dogs and Cats of the Bahamas


Hello there, CEO Olivia here. As you know, the Bahamas were all but destroyed by Hurricane Dorian. The news cycle has pretty much moved on but the country is still in desperate need. That includes the Bahamian animal shelters & rescues. There is an urgent need for crates, carriers, leashes, collars, bowls, dog/cat food, poop bags, first-aid kits, any type of pet medications, pee pads, cat litter, beds, blankets, towels & sheets.


There is also a need for fosters & adoptions. Some dogs & cats survived the storm but their humans didn’t & they are now orphans.

I’ve sniffed out a few Bahamian Animal Rescues that you can reach out to. Even if all you can do is donate a few dollars, it will help. This is a terrible situation that is ongoing & will be for the foreseeable future. Please, if you can help in any way, do so.

BAARK is a non-profit organization with no paid staff and no government funding. ALL of your money donated goes directly towards helping the animals.

Bahamas Humane Society – US taxpayers who would like to make a donation to The Bahamas Humane Society & to be eligible for a tax rebate in respect of all or part of their donation, should make the donation to ‘Friends of the Bahamas Humane Society’. This company is a registered not-for-profit entity in the state of Florida.

Briland Animal Rescue – They have an Amazon wish list for items that will go directly to people & animals affected by Hurricane Dorian.

Humane Society of Grand Bahama – They are also in need of donations. If you live in Florida, they have flown in many dogs & cats in need of fosters. Please check out their website for application forms.

Meet Those Kind Souls That Are Rescuing Animals From Hurricane Dorian

CEO Olivia

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