Animal Portrait & Wildlife Artist Claire Milligan

Canine Culture

Hi everyone, CEO Olivia here. Today I’ve sniffed out the works of artist Claire Milligan. She is a self taught artist living & working from her studio in Yorkshire, England. Claire has been creating animal portraits for over 20 years, initially only in graphite pencil. She began using colored pencil in 2002 & it’s now her medium of choice.










Her animal portraits are created on a commission basis for clients all over the world. Claire Milligan has exhibited nationally & won awards for her work (2006).

Let’s have a look at more of her wagnificent work.

Enjoy the weekend.

CEO Olivia

6 thoughts on “Animal Portrait & Wildlife Artist Claire Milligan

  1. Wow Olivia! Aren’t these spectacular works of art? How sweet of you to feature Claire on your site. Isn’t it amazing what we can do when we work together?

    I can see why these pieces have been awarded. Remarkable talent here. Thank you for sharing them! Blessings to you dear Olivia ♥

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