Shelter Dog Portraits Of Photographer Traer Scott

Canine Culture

Hello everyone, CEO Olivia reporting. Today I have some deeply moving portraits to show you. Photographer Traer Scott was inspired to capture these beautiful dogs while volunteering at an animal shelter.

Traer Scott is an award-winning photographer and best-selling author. Specializing in animal photography, the human/animal bond & conservation-themed fine art photography. Her work has been exhibited around the world & has appeared in National Geographic, Time, Life Magazine, & The New York Times among others. Traer was the recipient of the 2008 Helen Woodward Humane Award for animal welfare activism. She lives in Providence, Rhode Island.

It’s a sad thing that we need animal shelters. We at Knotty Toys for Good Dogs believe in “adopt don’t shop”.

CEO Olivia

8 thoughts on “Shelter Dog Portraits Of Photographer Traer Scott

  1. Lulu: “Aww! Not very long ago I was a shelter dog.”
    Charlee: “And we were shelter cats!”
    Lulu: “I sure hope all of these shelter dogs find good homes and don’t have to stay in the shelter very long.”
    Chaplin: “Same goes for the shelter cats!”
    Charlee: “And bunnies!”
    Lulu: “And all the other animals too!”

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