Introducing Supplements by Omega~Alpha


Good day everyone, CEO Olivia here. Today I have a wooftastic announcement. Knotty Toys for Good Dogs now carries supplements by Omega Alpha for good dogs & cool cats. This is the brand my huMom relies on for me & my fur siblings’ supplements.

Omega Alpha is a Canadian manufacturer of herbal supplements for both pets & humans. Their mission is to improve health by providing safe, effective, natural remedies of the highest purity & quality, backed by scientific research. Since 1992 Omega Alpha has been creating formulations based on Traditional Chinese Medicine & Western herbal medicine.

They make remedies for problems with joints, mobility, kidney, liver, anxiety, energy, lungs, coat, & digestion. They also have a general vitamin supplement.

You can now purchase Omega Alpha products through our store so your good dog or cool cat can stay in top shape, like me.

CEO Olivia

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