The Importance of Having Emotional Support


Hello everyone, CEO Olivia here. Living with canine epilepsy can be emotionally challenging for the humans. Today I want to touch on the importance of finding emotional support.

During an event my huMom has to be focused. She has a protocol she follows which helps her remain mindful but that doesn’t mean she’s not affected. Seconds become hours when a seizure has taken hold & a vast number of thoughts & emotions are pushed back in that time.

It’s after the event, when my cluster buster (keppra) has kicked in & I have calmed down enough to rest, that my HuMom can process her emotions. I heard huMom share with her peeps that she is often afraid & very angry sometimes. Anger at epilepsy but mostly anger at the feeling of helplessness she goes through when I’m having a grand mal. She even gets angry at herself for feeling vulnerable although no one knows but her.

We know she is not alone. Through social media we have connected with many people around the world who are also dealing with canine epilepsy. They too experience the fear & anger my huMom does. They also get stressed by the constant vigilance that’s needed.

Caring for an epileptic dog can also be financially challenging & it can impede having a social life. Both of these issues can cause even more stress. For all these reasons sharing your feelings with someone who can relate to your situation is vital.

If you live with an epileptic dog or cat, or any animal with special needs, you need to remember self care. Reach out. Talk about your fears. Rant & rage if you must. But what I want to emphasis most is know that you are not alone & lots of support is out there.

CEO Olivia โค

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