Seasonal Affect Disorder in Good Dogs


dog looking out a snowy window

Hello everyone, CEO Olivia here. Today I’m barking about something called Seasonal Affect Disorder or SAD for short. It affects humans in the short days of winter but it also can affect your good dog. SAD is caused by a lack of sunlight & the vitamin D it provides. Symptoms are usually seen as having low energy & a low mood.

With a good dog, you’ll often see reduced activity levels & changes in their eating habits. Often times, a good dog will actually eat more in the winter months. You may also notice reduced playfulness & a “general malaise” as signs of SAD.

Light therapy is an excellent way to fight the effects of SAD. A full spectrum light inside combined with lots of trips outside during daylight can be very beneficial. Giving your good dog a vitamin D supplement is NOT recommended as it’s easy to reach toxic levels.

Toys & play time are also a good idea. Playing fetch or tug of war with a Knotty Toy is a wooftastic way to fight those winter blahs.

Do you get SAD? If so, what do you do to fight it? The sun is out so I believe I will go outside & lecture the squirrels on borders & territories.

CEO Olivia ❤

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