Winter Time for Good Dogs


CEO Olivia walking in the winter forest

Hi everyone, CEO Olivia here. The Canadian winter has arrived here at Knotty Toys for Good Dogs. It’s been very cold & the snow is already getting deep. Like every season, winter  brings challenges & potential danger for your good dog or cat.

When the body temperature of a dog or cat drops below the normal range of 100-102.5°F they begin to suffer from hypothermia & that can be fatal. Frost bite is also possible. A simple rule is, If it’s too cold for you, it’s too cold for us. We may have coats but being left outside for more than a few minutes during the winter just isn’t a good idea. For that matter, I believe a dog should be in the house with it’s pack & never tied up alone outside.

Automobile antifreeze, which is often sweet in taste & brightly colored, contains an ingredient called ethylene glycol that can be fatal to dogs & cats if not treated immediately after consumption. If you’re adding antifreeze to your vehicle, be sure to clean up any that may have spilled on the ground. (this is a year round danger really)

Ice-melting salts not only irritate & chap your good dog’s paws, they are also toxic. When salting your own driveway or sidewalks, look for pet-safe ice-melting products. It’s a must to wash your good dog’s feet every time they come home from a walk. Tiny salt pieces can become stuck between our toes & they can burn. Consider buying dog winter booties. There are many styles in a wide price range.

One more thing, before you start your vehicle, be sure to give the hood a smack with your hand or toot the horn before starting the engine. There may be a cat under your car or even under the hood seeking warmth.

My plans for this winter are simple; quick “business” trips, quick runs for exercise but mostly I’m going to snooze by the wood stove. What about you?

CEO Olivia

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