Are You Netflix Binging With Your Good Dog?


a dog in bed watching Netflix

Hello everyone, CEO Olivia here. If you follow my page on Facebook, you know my huMom enjoys binge watching Netflix after a long day of making our Knotty Toys for Good Dogs. Turns out we are not alone.

According to a new survey released by Netflix, four out of five members have watched Netflix with their furriend, & a whopping 61% find their four legged furriends to be the best binge partners. I knew that. BOL!

Dogs are not only awesome cuddlers, we don’t demand the remote, but some of us may steal it. We don’t share spoilers, we don’t interrupt with questions & we’re always open for “just one more” episode!

Almost half of the respondents (44%) have moved where they were sitting so their dog or cat would be more comfortable. My HuMom is in that group.

The survey also revealed that 17% of dog owners & 16% of cat owners have picked a show simply because they thought their furriend would like it.  I think this is the best statistic though, 18% of dog owners & 16% of cat owners have set up separate profiles for their furriends. How pawsome is that? I want cooking shows huMom!

Tonight we’re planning on watching a movie on Netflix. Maybe this time, I’ll choose. BOL!

CEO Olivia


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