The Plight of Racing Greyhounds


greyhound racing

Hello everyone, CEO Olivia here. Today I have a serious topic to discuss. It’s about the plight of greyhound racing dogs. I must say while sniffing out information I was horrified at what I uncovered. These poor dogs are treated terribly unless they are winning. For the most part they live short lives of abuse & cruelty.

Make no mistake, this is an ugly “sport” & it needs to be abolished everywhere. Just like in the meat industry, animals are just product & are treated as such. If they aren’t marketable, in this case fast, then they aren’t worth investing in & are discarded. The dog racing industry admits to killing up to 17,000 healthy dogs each year simply because they are too slow.

Thank goodness there are many rescue & advocacy groups for these unfortunate dogs. Also, in the November Primaries in the United States, voters in Florida, will be able to vote to ban dog racing in the State. Of the 18 dog tracks in the United States, 12 of them are in Florida.

Below are links to several Greyhound Rescues I’ve sniffed out. For those not looking to adopt, like any rescue, they can always use a donation be it cash or actual supplies. You could also volunteer your time for walking or be a foster. If there is Dog Racing in your State please don’t support this cruel industry. Write your government & ask them to act from compassion & ban dog racing.

American Greyhound

National Greyhound Adoption Program

The Greyhound Project

Grey2k Worldwide is just that, worldwide. This is a big site with lots of information.

greyhound on a dog bed

On a lighter note, today is Earth Day. Get outside & enjoy the day.

CEO Olivia

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