Coats and Booties Time


Suzie Q & I turn heads when we’re out & about looking fashionable in our winter coats. We do like to look our best, but winter clothes for good dogs serve a purpose.

Dogs with undercoats or that are bred for colder temperatures do not need to wear clothing. For example, Siberian huskies come from the harsh climate of northeastern Siberia & they can handle cold temperatures. But short haired dogs like Suzie Q & I can benefit from some extra layers.

Sweaters, coats, & sweatshirts are ideal for dogs that have trouble keeping warm. There are also many types of dog coats available. We have several coats but in the picture we are wearing coats made by Bruisers Winter Warmers. They have a simple design, are well made & best of all, they are toasty warm.

Before you buy or order any item of clothing, be sure to measure your dog’s neck & chest. Clothing should fit snugly, but not be so tight that it affects your good dog’s comfort. Also be sure your dog isn’t allergic to the material your coat or boots are made from. Consider also reflective clothing for late afternoon walks. The sun sets early remember.

Although not all dogs feel comfortable wearing them, (who me?) a good pair of booties will protect a dog’s feet from developing frostbite, cracked pads, or burns from salt used on sidewalks & roads. There are many styles available so don’t get discouraged if your good dog doesn’t adjust to a particular kind.

It’s easy to stay warm & look stylish this winter. But the best option remains napping by the wood stove.

CEO Olivia


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One thought on “Coats and Booties Time

  1. My senior dog even wears a split-fleece shirt in the house (by Gold Paw) because he has no undercoat and his hair is thinning a bit as he ages. Since he has arthritis, he likes to stay warm – it hurts less. You guys are really stylin’!


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