Halloween Dogs


Hi again, CEO Olivia here. Halloween is tomorrow & that means time to dress up in my home. I’ll be showing off my costume(s) on my Facebook page tomorrow but today I want to show you some crazy costumes I sniffed out on the inter-webs while looking for inspiration.

                              “Baa-ram-ewe”, is that how it goes?

                              Hermione Granger of Harry Potter fame.

                              A tremor in the force?

                              Ewoks were already cute enough.

                              A real stinker, I’m glad skunks don’t really come that big.

Have a safe & pawsome Halloween.

CEO Olivia

4 thoughts on “Halloween Dogs

    1. Q refuses to wear costumes that require the humans assistance; she is not fond of being picked up but I pawfectly love dresssing up, making my huMom laugh & receiving my pay, treats😉💜🎃
      Have a wagnificient Halloween🎃👽🔮😈👺👻👹🎃

      Nose nudges,
      CEO Olivia

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      1. We were at the hospital today and I put a tiny Davy Jones hat on Sam for the patients and visitors in honor of Halloween. It was a battle to keep it on his head. He was constantly shaking those babies off in a heartbeat. Bandanas on the other hand, he loves.

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