Waggit, The “Smart” Collar for Good Dogs


My HuMom was on the inter-webs when she came across a new smart collar for dogs. A smart collar has software built into it, usually a GPS tracker.

This new collar is called the Waggit. What makes it different from other smart collars is it monitors things like changes in body temperature, body position (i.e. if your dog suddenly starts sleeping on its right side versus its left side) & sleep quality. Changes in those areas could signal pain, injury or sickness. Waggit learns what is “normal” for your good dog & can detect quickly if something seems out of the ordinary.

As well as it’s GPS tracker you can set up a virtual fence which will alert you when your dog goes outside the boundaries you’ve set & ambient temperature alerts will let you know immediately if the temperature surrounding your pup is increasing (or decreasing) at a significant pace.

The company has been working with veterinarians, cardiologists & nutritionists to ensure the accuracy of the collar. The Waggit is being beta tested & is on the necks of 50 dogs right now. Waggit is accepting public orders with the first units arriving in November.

My HuMom is interested in the Waggit as it may provide an early warning to an impending epilepsy event. If it can monitor sudden changes in my body temperature & heart rate in real time, that could provide my HuMom more time to prevent the event. Most often my seizures come in the middle of the night but I could be having undetected warnings hours before hand. This could potentially be helpful for many epi-warriors like myself.

CEO Olivia



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