Meet the New Guy


Hello everyone, CEO Olivia here. Today I want to introduce you to the newest member of my family. I have a new cat-bro named Jerry.

My huMom met Jerry at my good vet’s last month. He’s just a year old & has been living there for a while. He’s had his shots & has been neutered. We wanted Dottie to have a cat furriend as she is only two years old & still has lots of youthful silliness to share.

Jerry has been here just over a week & is starting to feel at home. The first few nights he cried a lot because he was afraid. He stayed hidden behind furniture but slowly he’s come around. I can understand how being in a new place with strange animals & smells can be overwhelming. It takes time to get to know a new place & new furriends.

He’s a very friendly young cat who seems to get along with everyone. But the best thing is that I’m not afraid of him at all. Usually, cats make me very nervous but Jerry is so mellow & affectionate that I feel good around him.

Dottie & Jerry are already good furriends. They have been playing together & since he’s been feeling more at home, Jerry is having more fun every day. I’ve noticed that he likes to nose nudge everyone, I wonder where he got that idea? BOL!

We are all very happy to provide Jerry with a loving home. All cats & dogs deserve the same. Just remember the golden rule: adopt, don’t shop.

CEO Olivia โค



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